Mikhail Mamiashvili: “The US Embassy’s act will not affect relations with our American brothers on the mat”

World Cup 2018 | Iowa City, USA | 5-9 April, 2018
World Cup 2018 No Russia Wrestling Team

Mikhail Mamiashvili: “The US embassy’s act will not affect relations with our American brothers on the mat”

Head of the Wrestling Federation of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili commented on the incident with the refusal of the US embassy to conduct interviews with the Russian national wrestling team.

“In any case, this act by the US Embassy will not affect the wrestling relationship with our brothers from the United States on the wrestling mat.” They are also worried about this situation. They did everything for us to help us come to the World Cup. We are in contact with them all the time. The USA Wrestling Team also comes to Russia to us, they perform well. American wrestlers are also interested in coming to Russia to compete with tough rivals. They come to Russia with great pleasure.” Mamiashvili said.

The World Cup 2018 will be held in Iowa City from 5 to 9 April.


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  • Dan Russell
    30 March 2018 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    The World Cup is an arena for the best teams in the world to come together in an environment of healthy competition.
    Wrestling brings rival nations together in the spirit of sport and creates a dialogue beyond politics that can lead to better understanding. I am grateful for the opportunities i have had to challenge myself against the great wrestlers in Russia.
    To be the best is to compete with the best, and Russia has proven themselves great competitors. Wrestling matches end with a handshake and mutual respect and honor. I am hoping to see Russia compete at the World Cup.