Valiev and Gogaev passed the International Test in Poland

Updates at the Russia World Wrestling Team 2017 from the head coach Dzhambulat Tedeev
Valiev Gogaev Russia Wrestling World Team members 2017

“We will make the final decision at the wrestling camp.” Dzhambulat Tedeev will announce the Russia National freestyle wrestling team squad for the World Championships 2017 in August.

Out the eight Russia national champions 2017, only four wrestlers were competing at the international Ziolkowski Memorial tournament in Poland – Alan Gogaev (up to 65 kg) and Vladislav Valiev (up to 86 kg) won the gold medals, Magomedkhabib Kadimagomedov (70 kg) and Anzor Hizriev (before 125 kg) got the silver medals. The head coach of the Russian national wrestling team Dzambolat Tedeev vision for the world championships 2017 team rooster and announced that the final team members will be announced in August at the final wrestling camp in Sochi. Results: ХXVI Ziolkowski Memorial 2017 Freestyle Wrestling >>>

– “We have sent only those wrestlers to the tournament in Poland who needed to be checked additionally and who needed additional wrestling experience at the international arena” – Dzhambulat Tedeev noted. It was planned that our Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev, who had recently changed the weight category, would wrestle in Warsaw, but he was not ready for the tournament. It was decided to give Abdulrashid the time to recover and slowly gain form for the World Championships, so we won’t have the force majeure out there.

– What do you think about the heavy weight? Did Anzor Hizriev pass the international test?

– Everybody understands what situation we have right now… Unfortunately, heavy weight is our weak spot. Anzor Hizriev showed a good performance in Poland. Who do we have except him at the moment? Let’s see what happens next, we’ll look forward for the wrestling camps… Based on who will be in what shape at the last training camp, we will make a final decision.

– At the 70kg weight category Kadimagomedov reached the finals, where he lost, but throughout the day he had a problem with his injury…

– Yes, during the first wrestling match Magomedkhabib had injured his ankle, and no matter of the injury he wrestled well, but became the second.

– Does Kadimagomedov have a priority now for the spot in the team? Is he the number one?

– No. First of all, let’s look at his health and look at how the wrestlers at this weight category will show themselves at the training camps and wrestle-off matches, after which we will make a decision.

– What do you think about the winners of the tournament in Poland?

– Both Alan Gogaev and Vladislav Valiev wrestled sharp, competently, without errors and showed a stable wrestling.

– Those national champs 2017, who did not wrestle in Poland, are trusted to be in the Russia World Team 2017 in the opinion of the coaching staff?

– That’s right.

– Gogaev and Valiev joined after the tournament to the number of proven ones, didn’t they?

– Yes.

– During the meeting after the Russian championships 2017, you announced that you did not know why the current European Champion Ilyas Bekbulatov did not compete at the nationals in Ingushetia. What was the reason?

– As they said, he was injured right before weighing.

– Does Bekbulatov have a chance to be considered for the World Championships?

– We will see at the wrestling camps.

– Is there a chance to see the Olympic Champion 2016 Soslan Ramonov competing at the World Championships 2017, who didn’t compete anywhere this year?

– No, Soslan is slowly being pulled into the training process, recovering from all injuries, from the surgery performed on the meniscus. He will start to compete at middle class tournaments first. Similarly, I can say about the Rio-2016 Silver medalist Aniuar Geduev.

– What are the nearest plans for the national team?

– The wrestling camp in “Ozone” in Kabardino-Balkaria has come to the end. Those who wrestled in Poland were freed from the camp. The rest of the guys went home and now we will meet on July 15 at the Olympic base “Yug-Sport” in Kislovodsk.

– And when will the final Russia World Team 2017 be announced for the world championship?

– After the wrestle-offs at the last wrestling camp in August, in Sochi.

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