Sadulaev: “In the near future I will move up to 97kg weight category”

Abdulrashid “Russian Tank" Sadulaev Interview after the "Yariguin" Tournament 2018

Abdulrashid “Russian Tank” Sadulaev Interview on the rematch against the Olympic Champion 2016 Kyle Snyder (USA)

Of course, it is way easier to wrestle at 92kg weight class than at 97kg, but I’m not planning to stay here.
In the near future, I will move up to 97kg weight category.

For the most frequently asked question about the rematch against the 2016 Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder, Abdulrashid Sadulaev said:

You know I’ve been hearing this question from everybody from the journalists to wrestling fans…

I am more than you want to have this rematch, but you need to know that if you want something you need to show some patience and very soon you will see a revenge.

Abdulrashid Russian Tank Sadulaev Interview


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