The Russian Tank Abdulrashid Sadulaev won 97kg Russia Wrestling National Championships 2017

Sadulaev got in trouble during the final match...

The Russian Tank Sadulaev got in trouble! The Best Final Match at the Russia Wrestling National Championships 2017!

Abdulrashid Sadulaev had dominated the whole tournament scoring 43:0 going into the 97kg final match, where he faced a furious competitor Vladislav Baytsaev. During the final match Sadulaev put himself into a really bad position trying to score at the beginning.   Following that Abdulrashid had to fight away from getting pinned and let Baytsaev score as many points in one match same as he gave up during the last three or four years.

Everybody is excited to see the Russian Tank Sadulaev in the new weight category and to see him showing his class at the World Wrestling Championship 2017 in Paris, France.
Watch his all matches from the Russia Freestyle Wrestling National Championships below.

97kg Finals: Olympic Champion 2016 Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS) vs Vladislav Baytsaev (RUS)

97kg 1/2: Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS) vs Rasuev Tamerlan (RUS)

97kg 1/4: Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS) vs Gadjiev Stanislav (RUS)

97kg 1/8: Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS) vs Kuldev Umar (RUS)

97kg 1/16: Abdulrashid Sadulaev (RUS) vs Uriy Belonovski (RUS)


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