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Wrestling artist Timofey Homenko during his work process

Timofey Homenko during his work process on «The Spirit of a Champion»

Sport and art. A trivial but centuries-long interconnection of physical exercises and spiritual life. In ancient Greece, images of nude men combined both physically developed body and strong spirit. Nowadays, this tradition is carefully maintained in the works of a young artist from Krasnodar, Russia, Timofey Khomenko, who is interested in border situations determining the most important traits of a modern human being.

Master of sports in a Greco-Roman wrestling coming from a sport family, alumni of a Kuban state university of physical culture, sport and tourism, Timofey has received professional training at the painter’s studio of a Honored Artist of Kuban, professor Oleg Gavrilov.

The Wrestling Legend Karelin

The Legend Aleksandr Karelin – Russia Wrestling

Diverse attempts to find himself have led Timofey to expression of his thoughts and feelings through the artistic work as a graphic painter.  The specificity of his style is contained in a strict discipline of drawing, emphasized importance of a linear rhythm, tone, and attention to a plastic organization of a subject. All these serves to create a unique internal dynamic which helps to disclose a theme of sport which is popular in masses but not enough reflected in the artworks of the Russian and World artistes.

Timofey’s artworks are diverse in genre and artistic language. He has created a series of portraits of Russian champions in Greco-Roman wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts – MMA. One of the most outstanding artworks is a portrait of a three-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, the true legend Alexander Karelin (2013), made in the academic, realistic manner.

Wrestling artist Timofey Homenko Russia Wrestling

Master Homenko at his art exposition

Based on his years-long wrestling experience and true love devoted to the sport of wrestling Timofey manages with a maximum accuracy to depict and bring to the masses all emotions and feelings experienced by a wrestler on and off the wrestling mat. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports in the world where a man must totally devote himself to the process. If you have wrestled once, everything else in your life will seem to you much easier.

In a graphic work “Fight” (2012) presented at the inter-regional exhibition “South of Russia 2012” viewers are attracted by the extraordinary interpretation of depth and space, courage in building a dynamic perspective and transmission of motion. Through depiction of the process of struggle author tries to deliver to the viewers a condition of a wrestler in the moment of his maximum focus.

Vladimir Vysotskiy Russia Wrestling

«I am fated to argue to very last day…»

The work “I am fated to argue to very last day” (2013) devoted to the memory of Vladimir Vysotskiy shows artistic agony of the Russian outstanding poet and singer. Characters of the songs are depicted at the limit of their physical and spiritual power, on the edge of life and death, surrounded by the hostile reality they have to fight in order to survive. Perhaps this work is an attempt of the poet to escape from the complex reality into the irrational world of his dreams. Using special painting techniques the artist was able to create a convincing atmosphere directly corresponding with the emotional state of Vladimir Vysotsky and his works.

The Wrestling Legend Karelin Russia

«The Spirit of a Champion»

In the recent artworks of Timofey we can see a transition from the pictorial and spatial construction of the sheets to a decorative planar interpretation. Study of traditions of Symbolism and Modernism allowed Timofey to reconstruct the ancient myths, and on their basis to create his own. In the artwork “The Spirit of a Champion” (2015) he seeks to “revive” the sacred image of the ancient champion, whose victory in a fight has not only sport but also a spiritual and religious meaning. An artist interprets in his own manner the hidden meanings, sings and symbols of antiquity, as it is shown, for instance, in the work “Temenos” (2015).

The work “Forever and ever…” (2015) on inter-regional exhibition “Biennale – 2015” was awarded a diploma “For the best imaginative solution.” The author managed to successfully find an artistic expression of the universal archetypes for subconscious perception of the athlete (as well as an average person) that structure “possible worlds” – an imaginary alternative reality.

Wrestling Art Russia Wrestling Moves

Wrestling Art Russia Wrestling Moves

Therefore, the theme of sport in the artworks of Timofey starting from the first exemplary work gradually grows in an attempt to conceptually analyze the problems of modern reality. Being a real, strong-willed athlete in life Timofey in his artworks creates a world in which most tragic situations are resolved through cleansing catharsis. Life is a Wrestling – it is a human and philosophical credo of the artist.


Art Work by: Timofey Homenko
Author: Tatyana Sokolinskaya
Translation: Alina Vitter


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