Dzhambulat Tedeev: Sadulaev, Ramonov and Geduev are exempted from Ivan Yariguin 2017

"It is important to give young athletes a chance to show themselves..."
Russia Wrestling Head Coach Tedeev Interview

Olympic champions Abdulrashid Sadulaev and Soslan Ramonov, as well as silver medalist Aniuar Geduev are exempted from Ivan Yariguin international tournament, which will be held on January 27-29 in Krasnoyarsk. Head coach of the Russian wrestling national team Dzambolat Tedeev has told about preliminary selection criteria for the spot at the national team for the first half of the season.

Coaching Staff of the Russia wrestling national team have made a decision to release three athletes – Abdulrashid Sadulaev, Soslan Ramonov and Aniuar Geduev from international wrestling tournament in memory of Ivan Yariguin. – These athletes have deserved the right to resume their training process a bit later, – said Dzambolat Tedeev, but everyone else should wrestle. I wish a Happy New Year to everyone – but it’s time to wrestle now! (Smiles)

– Traditionally, Yariguin tournament is a qualifier for the Europe Championships and the World Cup. Are there going to be any changes in the first post Olympic season?

Yes, taking into account that after the Olympic Games we have released three athletes, it is not a fact that a champion of Yariguin tournament will go to Europe. Let’s look at the results, and if necessary we will strengthen some weight categories with the Olympic champions, at least we will give them a chance to qualify for the European Championships through additional challenge matches.

– World Cup is just around the corner – On February 17-18 the tournament will be held in Teheran (Iran). What is the main goal of the Russia wrestling team?

I would like to focus attention that in the end of February we will have match meetings with the teams of the United States and Iran in New York, USA. These meetings are very essential. After Yariguin tournament we will decide who will go to Iran, and who to the United States. Wrestling camp will start on February 1 in the city of Sochi, Russia. There we will also decide whether our Rio triumphators will go to Iran or not. Our primary goal at the World Cup – to trial our young athletes who will assert themselves at Yaruigin tournament. Of course, we would like to win the World Cup and finally bring it to Russia, but it is also important to give a chance to young athletes to show themselves.

– How the team will prepare for the European Championships?

We will have wrestling camp in Sochi, in Novogorsk, and maybe in Kislovodsk. There is still a lot of time till European Championships since it has been shifted to May, so I will tell you in more detail about this after the World Cup. And an issue concerning the composition of our team at the European Championships we will also discuss closer to March. It is in our interest to compose such kind of team that it will allow both to reveal new wrestling stars and at the same time to bring more gold from Serbia.

– Where and when will be held the Russian Championships?

The decision is still pending.

– Everything is going to the fact that starting from the season 2018 the rules of the competition will be changed. In particular, the competition will last for two days, with daily weighting …

Whichever format will be offered by the United World Wrestling (UWW), we will have to adjust to it. I can only speak for myself but I believe that to weight athletes two times is inappropriate. But again, we will wrestle and win in accordance with any rules.

– UWW plans to expand the number of weights up to ten while there are only six Olympics weight categories. How do you look at it?

The fact that there will be more weight categories is good. There will be more new names. If weighing will take place in the morning and ……… – perhaps the level of wrestling will really rise up bringing more colorfulness to this sport. It is pity though that at the Olympics it will still be only six weight categories … This is the only downside, and the rest – only advantages.

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