Dzhambulat Tedeev: Abdusalam Gadisov has a chance to go to Rio 2016

… Bilyal Makhov and Khadjimurad Gatsalov may have a Wrestle-Off
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(MOSCOW, June 2) Russia wrestling team head coach Dzhambulat Tedeev shared the plans for the Russia Wrestling Team.

Los Angeles (USA) will host the World Cup in freestyle wrestling on June 11-12. The composition of the Russian team will be officially named at the wrestling camp in Adler, which will begin on June 5. We know the Russia Freestyle Wrestling Team rooster for 99% that will go to the World Cup 2016, but due to the well-known circumstances we will formally announce it at the wrestling camp in Adler – Dzhambulat Tedeev said.

– What will be with the candidates from the Dagestan wrestling team, who boycott the Russia Wrestling championships?

All of them will be brought to the further selection for the Olympic Games. This also applies to Bilyal Makhov and Abdusalam Gadisov and Gadzhimurad Rashidov.

I can say that after the Russia Freestyle Wrestling Championship, we have talked with a number of wrestlers, which, due to the boycott of the Dagestan wrestling team did not have a chance to wrestle in Yakutsk. I can say that at the World Cup, which begins on June 11, we will have the European champion Gadzhimurad Rashidov. We are not sure at what weight category he will wrestle- up to 57 or up to 61 kg – we will take a look at the training camp. Also Olympic Champion 2012 Dzhamal Otarsultanov, who took third place in Yakutsk, expressed his desire to wrestle at the World Cup.

– Who else besides Rashidov did you talk after the Russian championships?

We talked to many guys. The decision to declare a demarche – did not come from the athletes, this decision was made by the Dagestan coaches. Wrestlers were just the hostages of the situation.

– When will we see The Russian Tank Abdulrashid Sadulaev on the wrestling mat who was exempt from the national championship at 86 kg?

Sadulaev is preparing for the international tournament in Poland, which will be held on June 17-19.

– Bilyal Makhov is still number one candidate to the Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team spot at 125kg. How did you react to his decision to wrestle at the Russia Greco-Roman Championship 2016?

The situation with Bilyal Makhov we discussed with the President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili. I also spoke personally to Bilal. He said he just needed to have a start somewhere. After the World Championships 2015, where Makhov wrestled in two styles, he has wrestled only in one tournament. He needs a start, so he will not lose the sense of the mat. So there is nothing wrong in his desire to compete at the Russia Greco-Roman championship in Grozny. By the way, we are also planning to check Makhov at the international tournament in Poland, which has traditionally many strong wrestlers. For four years, Makhov did not wrestle in any start home country tournaments. Perhaps in the heavyweight division the chance will be given to the Olympic champion Khadjimurad Gatsalov. In 2013, he became a world champion in a heavyweight category and won the bronze medal in 2014. In 2015 Gatsalov won the Russia Wrestling Championship in 125kg. Makhov was included in the World National team last year, only due to the fact that Gatsalov showed bad result at the European games. We cannot ignore all Gatsalov’s merits, because he returned to light heavyweight category at 97kg and only lost to the European Champion Anzor Boltukaev at the Russian Nationals. I do not exclude that Bilyal Makhov and Khadjimurad Gatsalov may have a wrestle-off, and the winner of which will go to the Olympic Games.

– Who else will be going to the World Cup 2016?

The two wrestlers in each weight category will be going to the United States. Some guys will wrestle in different weight category from where they normally wrestle because of the recent weight cut that they needed to make to the national tournament. In the weight category up to 57 kg we will not have neither Victor Lebedev not Alexander Bogomoev. Gadzhimurad Rashidov will probably wrestle in the category up to 61 kg. Abdusalam Gadisov may be wrestling in his normal weight category up to 97 kg.

The Olympic Russia Wrestling National Team Rooster

The final Olympic National Team Rooster  for the Olympic Games will be decided by mid-July – Tedeev said. We will announce five other wrestlers out of six, because one wrestler at 86kg Abdulrashid Sadulaev does not cause any questions about his candidature. At the final stage of preparation we will arrive in São Paulo in advance to get acclimatized. We believe that acclimatization – the number one problem.

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