Bilyal Makhov: what wrestling style will I compete at the Olympic Games 2016?

No one had guaranteed me the ticket to Rio!
Bilyal Makhov Greco-Roman or freestyle Wrestling Russia

World Champion Bilyal Makhov: what wrestling style will I compete at the Olympic Games 2016? No one has guaranteed me the ticket to Rio!

Super heavyweight World Wrestling Champion from Russia, who also won two bronze medals in two different wrestling styles at the last year world championships 2015 in Las-Vegas and earning Olympic licenses in these two Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling styles for Russia gave an interview to “Russia-Sport” correspondent.

Bilyal, have you recovered after your injuries? And where are you training?

Right now I’m training in Dagestan, in Khasavurt. Waiting for the National Training Camp to start soon where I will start to train with my other teammates from the national team. My body is recovered and getting ready for the Russia Wrestling Championships 2016.

There are going to be two Russian Championships in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Did you make your decision in what style will you compete?

Freestyle Wrestling Championship is going to be first, that is why I will compete in Yakust (Russia Wrestling Championship will be on May 26-30, 2016). What about me competing at the Greco-Roman Russian Championships in Grozniy (June 2-6, 2016), will depend on my physical condition.

How much do you weigh these days? Do you have problems making weight?

No, right now my weight is around 124 kilograms. Previously, I had problems with my weight, but I was able to find the right diet for myself, that keeps my weight right where I want it to be. Of course, if I will let myself go and it everything what tastes good, my weight will jump up very high.

When are you going to join the Russian National Training Camp?

On April 8, I will join the training freestyle wrestling camp in Kislovodsk, Russia.

Bilyal Valerievich Makhov (Russian: Билял Валерьевич Махов, born 20 September 1987 in Nalchik) born in Russia mixed martial artist, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler. He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, currently competing in the Heavyweight division. He was the Russian champion in 2007 and 2010, European champion in 2010 and World champion in 2007, 2009, 2010 in Men’s Freestyle 120 kg, bronze medalist in Wrestling World Championships Greco-Roman 2014 and dual bronze medalist in two styles at the World Championships 2015.

He won the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s 120 kg category.

Video: Wrestling match between Bilyal Makhov vs 3-x Olympic Champion Artur Taymazov (UZB)

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